Archiving the Inner City: A Symposium (Weds 14 June 2023)

We are delighted to be co-hosting our first symposium in London (with The Brixton Project and London Festival of Architecture).

 The event is on Weds 14 June at 3Space in Brixton, London SW9 7QE. It starts at 11am.

The symposium features an exciting range of academics, public historians, heritage practioners, archivists and activists. More details can be found here:

The questions we will be discussing include:

  • How can we archive a city? 
  • How is the city an archive?
  • How is Brixton being remembered? What is preserved and what is lost?
  • Why and how is urban memory political?
  • What is the ‘division of labour’ between archives in the city and could this be improved? What is the relation between formal archives and individual / amateur collectors?
  • How can Brixton and London’s other inner cities retain a contemporary vibrancy whilst also being respectful of historical importance? Are there any places or examples that Brixton can learn from? 




Ticket are free


Both photos (c) Thabo Jaiyesimi for Archiving the Inner City